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In search of a reliable, affordable and experienced company for all your shopping cart service needs?  All American Retail Services, Inc. is your retail solution.  We beat all competitive pricing with service you expect. Contact us today!

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There is a lot to do and think about when running your business. Let us take care of the details!

We offer services to retail businesses that sets us apart, increases your return on investments, adds efficiency and maximizes your business potential.


Shopping Cart Retrieval and Cart Cleaning

Cart Retrieval

All American Retail Services, Inc. utilizes the latest in cart delivery technology to retrieve their clients’ shopping carts to the appropriate locations.

Shopping carts are an asset of any retail business and an investment for the convenience of customers.  They represent the image of the business and, optimally, need to be kept in top shape.

Let us help you increase your sales and efficiency.  We offer both standard and rush shopping cart pick-up and delivery services.  We do our best to accommodate your exact needs.

Shopping Cart Retrieval, Maintenance & Sanitation

Cart Removals & Transfers

All American Retail Services, Inc. provides transportation of shopping carts in the event that a client needs to transfer or move shopping carts from one area to another.

We are a reliable option to promptly and efficiently perform this service for our clients.

Shopping Cart Repair, Maintenance, and Sanitation

Cart Repair & Maintenance

All American Retail Services, Inc. provides complete inspection, cleaning, repair and maintenance services of shopping carts.

Our one-stop service lengthens the life of your shopping cart assets.  We offer personalized options for repairs, maintenance, pressure wash, cleaning and locking wheel repair.

Our team is dedicated to offering top quality workmanship and thoroughness so that you may have the best customer experience in shopping cart repair services.

Become one of our satisfied clients and let us do it all when it comes to shopping cart services.  Contact us with any questions.

Shopping Cart Retrieval, Maintenance & Sanitation


Protect your customers!  Our sanitizing program helps bring your shoppers a healthier and safer experience while imparting a positive impression of your business.

No one wants to touch a dirty cart, especially in these times of disease spreading awareness.  By making sure that your shopping carts are clean and sanitized, your customers will feel that your business cares about safety and their health.  Your shopping carts are an extension of your business image.

Your shopping carts represent your business

Clean and properly working shopping carts are essential to maintaining your reputation with your customers.  Carts with broken wheels can be a major deterrent for customers to return, just as dirty and unsanitary-looking carts are.  Call us to take care of your investment in shopping carts and keep them in good working condition!

What We Offer

Shopping Cart Retrieval - Cleaning Services for Carts

Cart Retrieval & Sanitation

Shopping Cart Repair & Maintenance

Cart Repair & Maintenance

Digital Proof of shopping cart delivery and GPS Tracking

Digital Proof of Delivery and GPS Tracking

Digital Proof of Service for Shopping Cart Retrieval

Digital Proof of Service

We provide solutions to your toughest retail problems.

Our drivers along with our support staff are constantly out monitoring the areas we service, keeping every shopping cart clean and in good working order.  We keep the streets free from shopping carts, and we return them back to you for your customers.

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